">Material supplies - K.G.J Price Railway Contractors

We hold a large stock of new and serviceable Permanent Way materials including :

  • BS95RBH bullhead rail.
  • BS113A / 56e1 flat bottom.
  • Various narrow gauge rails.
  • Various concrete sleepers ( BH and FB )
  • Softwood and hardwood sleepers.
  • Softwood and hardwood timbers.
  • C.I. blocks, baseplates and chairs.
  • Fishplates and fishbolts for all rail sections.
  • Coachscrews, Keys, Panlocks, Pandrol clips.
  • Pads.
  • Gauge tie bars.
  • Stretcher bars, connecting rods and lever boxes.
  • Ferrules.
  • Ballast.
  • Buffer stops.
  • Derailers.
  • Wheelstops.
  • Various assembled serviceable and new switches and crossings are kept in stock.

In addition to the above we also operate our own transport services, which enables us to react quickly should emergency deliveries be required.